WIRS continues to grow

As the longer days start creeping in we have welcomed some lovely new clients and ponies onto the yard and also moved forward in a new direction with our coaching team. Meredith, Sarah Inglis, Cora, Charlotte, Hannah and Amy now form the WIRS team. Isabella Harley has decided she would like to share some of her skills as well which is an exciting development for WIRS, she will be a great addition to the team. We want to sincerely thank our coaches as they form the culture and the atmosphere in the yard, which is such is a lovely place to be.  They are so enthusiastic and great with the horses. The birthday parties continue to be a hit, and most of our Sundays are fully booked with a group of laughing young

riders! We have started a new grooming & ride party, either lead rein or off the lead for an hour to help cater to the demand. These new parties are a cheaper option so ring about these if you are interested.

Holidays are coming up so again that means another edition of the Holiday Programme! It continues to be a great success with the riders developing confidence around the ponies and learn strong theory and care practices over their time with us.

We have had feedback from a few parents that they would like to see more one on one with the children and ponies during the programme. As this is difficult with the current programme and pricing structure,  we are looking into a new 'own a pony for the day' programme. If you are interested, let us know or send us feedback!

The lease programme is growing at a huge rate, this is a really great option for riders who want the benefits of owning a horse or pony without the other obligations that come with ownership.

To catch-up on horses and ponies on the yard, the lovely Rebel has sold to Jess who was leasing him. We went to Manfield show jumping on an outing and that sealed the deal for her as he was fantastic. We welcome Ka Pai Jack to the yard, what a chilled out pony, Amity will primarily ride him but he will be used as a school pony as well. Toscar has joined us, smart little pony with all the right buttons as well. Oscar has gone home to Terri's to prepare for their exciting plans for the upcoming season. Heloise's horses come and go as well as they prepare for the upcoming show jumping season. Poster boy Puff is in the stable at the front, looking rather large and in need of some work after the winter break. Dude and Squodge have gone to their lovely new property with Mitch and Sam. Mitch is still running the puppy training on Friday nights so we will keep you updated.

We have some training outings planned in the coming months, the schedule looks pretty busy! We will be having some visiting instructors holding clinics on the yard so keep your eyes on our Facebook Page and website for information on these.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback as we really want to keep growing and improving., so feel free to contact us anytime.

Take care, enjoy the longer days. See you soon.