July Update

Well, it’s mid Winter and it’s been a while since the last update! The mud is making me crazy but the shortest day has been and gone and we can start dreaming of long summer days again. We’re lucky the horses are all happy and healthy; we haven’t been struck down with mud rash or any other nasties. It’s almost time to say goodbye to the big winter power bills, so we’re happy!

The events that have been going on at WIRS:

 - We held our first After School Programme at WIRS and it was a great success. There are  things to work on but over all it was plenty of fun and good learning for current and new students. It’s always great to see new faces.

- Birthdays at WIRS are always amazing fun, a huge hit with the children. It’s a lovely way to get a first experience with ponies but really well supervised and run by our amazing team Jess, Lucy and the volunteers. What incredible cakes parents bring along, the volunteers always love to hoover up the leftovers!!


The WIRS Team:

Charlotte is in South America but has confessed to desperately missing Bryn.

Instructors Sarah Jocelyn, Sarah Inglis, Hannah, Amy and Meredith are also doing a great job.

Bels and Amy are always working very hard! Bels has her three equines at the school, two lovely imported horses and Rupert who is NZ bred. Amy has the lovely YumYum and Jack who is a School favourite for our Riders.

A big welcome to Jess who is leasing Rebel and running the Holiday Programme, Ana who is leasing Maddy (the horse) and a switch of ponies for Maddie (the student!) who is taking over the lease on Blue. We have retired Masport who has done enough to earn a long rest. What a truly wonderful pony.

 Heloise, (my daughter and the person to blame for this long standing horse obsession) is back from holiday for the last 10 weeks. She has two of her young ones at the School, please look out for her and say ‘hello’! She is our rock and keeps me fresh with ideas.

For everyone that hasn’t met our new addition to the stable, Bruno, you are in for a treat. He’s a lovely boy but full of endless energy and is destroying everything in sight. Feel free to tire him out for me - I was warned but thought I knew best. Clearly not.

 All in all WIRS continues to thrive with it’s fantastic students and volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you so thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

See you at the stables,

 - Janet