Cruise is a legend among riding school ponies. He gives many of our riders their first ride, their first canter and their first jump. Story goes, the lump on his head is from when he used to be a unicorn, ever since he lost his horn he's become a bit grumpy in the stable, but really he is the biggest sweetheart!

He competed up to a metre twenty in his earlier career but is happy helping new riders learn the ropes these days. When Sarah has a sandwich whilst teaching, his rider won't be able to get him away from her as she often shares her sandwich with him. Cruise is our main man. We put our newest riders on Cruise as he's so balanced and kind and the most generous teacher.


Being away from home


Blick aka Glen Cree Eboneeza is one of our most loved riding school ponies. He teaches a lot of our beginner riders the tricks of the trade. He is a bombproof little pony who is very gentle to his riders, even out littlest riders happily steer him around the arena by themselves. Always friendly and happy, he loves scratches and treats after his lessons, so make sure you bring him some apples and carrots as those are his favourite treats. We love having this pony on the yard as he always makes our day a bit brighter.

Blick is a 13.2hh English Riding Pony and his birthday is on the 5 December. Blik is amazing to handle and loves being pampered. He used to be very good at escaping his stable to stick his head into the feed room for a little snack, recent adjustments to the stables have made this a bit harder for him (not really!)


Frostie is a beautiful grey speckled Appaloosa and is on loan from our friend Ken James. She's a special horse who has developed a strong fan club at WIRS! She is a favourite for birthday parties, holiday programs and beach rides. She has even been dressed up as a unicorn! Frostie loves eventing and recently competed at Battle Hill and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

She loves anything to do with food. She hates wearing covers and will have a 'destroy' session with every new cover! Frosty is very kind and gentle both on the ground and while being ridden which makes her a valuable asset to our team.


Benny aka Benny Boo is a cheeky 14.3hh, chestnut mare. She is a quarter horse cross, around 18 years old! She loves all pony treats, but apples are her favourite. She's impeccable to groom and tack up, making her a great teacher for holiday program and pony club kids. She has been out and about to the beach and local shows, where her cheeky personality can emerge, although there is not a bad bone in her body.

She loves games, especially bending, and has lovely tight knees over jumps!


Diamond aka Benrose Black Diamond is as pretty as his name would suggest. Diamond is an 8 year old, 14.2hh pony. Diamond is beautiful to ride and is able to produce some lovely flatwork with our more experienced riders. He is gentle and kind and also great at looking after our younger riders. He is a great teacher!

In the summer, Diamond is dark brown but his winter coat turns nearly pitch black! Diamond likes his paddock mate Grandy - Diamond & Grandy are paddocked together and they are good friends.


Cookie, a beautiful dark bay mare, arrived in October 2016 to join our amazing team of school ponies. While she finds it slightly scary when you drag the mounting block towards her, she is not very scared of much else. She is a little bit cheeky and when you ride her you have to make sure you pay attention otherwise she will just do what she wants! This makes her a great teacher.

Cookie was named by the kids in the holiday program, and we think she suits it perfectly!


 Not sure about the difference between a horse and a pony?

Horses and ponies are measured in “hands” which equate to 4 inches or 10cm. It!s roughly the width of the palm of an adult hand, hence the term “hands”. The measurement is taken from the bottom of the hoof to the wither.

Ponies measure up to 14.2hh. Horses are anything over this measurement.