Leasing at WIRS

The WIRS Lease Programme is a fantastic way for you or your child to begin the transition to owning their own horse or pony. See the full details of the lease and what's included below:


For those wanting to take your riding to another level, we offer a programme called Team WIRS. Team WIRS includes our agisted and lease clients. We are a fun and positive community of like-minded people who love horses and horse riding!

Riders that are a part of Team WIRS have the opportunity to ride regularly. They have the use of our facilities (subject to availability), opportunities to attend shows in our truck, and take part in clinics hosted by WIRS. We also have an interactive Facebook group where we regularly post tips and updates. We encourage riders to talk to us about their leasing experience and ask questions about riding or horses. It is an opportunity to learn!

Horses that are a part of Team WIRS are well schooled, and have great temperaments. We pride ourselves on creating safe and effective partnerships between horse and rider. As a result, we have seen many of our Team WIRS horses find lovely homes.


  • Full grazing livery
  • Feed
  • Exercising in your absence
  • Shoes 
  • Wormers
  • Vets bills
  • Tack 
  • Rugs

The lease runs monthly paid in advance and one month notice to cancel lease. 


To start leasing you will be asked to book a private lesson to assess suitable matches for you with the horses and ponies that are available. It's very important to us that the right rider is matched with the right horse or pony; so you won't necessarily get the first horse or pony you see! You will however be matched with who we believe to be your best suited horse or pony.

To enquire about the leasing costs, call us now

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