Chuckieis a gorgeous big bay thoroughbred, with the best ears on the yard. He came down from Whakatane and has done a great job acclimatising to the Wellington Weather, but loves his warm rugs. Contrary to his breed's reputation, he's a very a relaxed dude, which is one of the reasons we love having him around! He's a great horse to ride for the experienced rider, as he makes them work a bit.

He is also a gentle giant who will happily plod around teaching a beginner how to do rising trot or take out on a trek.

Just be gentle when you tack him up or do up his girth, as he is a bit sensitive. He absolutely LOVES cuddles!!!


Dixon is a beautiful dark bay is one of the biggest smooches on the yard. We love his super fluffy, winter coat. He is ridden by our experienced clients, and loves going really fast over jumps. He is a sensitive horse and needs very clear aids, otherwise he gets a bit confused. But when he knows what you are asking, he is a dream.

He is mainly ridden by our instructor Susan and his lease rider Jo who knows him better than anyone. Dixon has been out to cross country and dressage competitions and always does an amazing job! Dixon loves cuddles and is the most bomb proof horse on a trek. He loves going out on adventures!


Kym aka Mind Games is a stunning bay gelding. You will find him in lessons with his lease riders Jacqui& Natasha or teaching intermediate riders the ropes. He has established flatwork and three lovely paces. He is a sensitive horse, but once given the correct aids he is a dream. He has been out to local dressage shoes and out on farm rides too!

He loves his apples & carrots.


Teacup is a beautiful 16.2hh thoroughbred gelding with uncommon colouring. Even though he is only 7 years old, he has some experience under his belt and is more than willing to share this with his riders. Teacup is a kind and gentle horse, who is a good jumper with beautiful form. He already has a reputation for being very nosy, and for some reason really enjoys the inside of his ears being scratched! He loves tipping over water buckets and eating Oddfellows.

Meersbrook PipsqUeak (Pippa)


Pippa is a huge part of WIRS. She is a safe gentle 15.2hh lovely bay mare. She can teach a total beginner or help someone develop dressage and jumping skills.

 Not sure about the difference between a horse and a pony?

Horses and ponies are measured in “hands” which equate to 4 inches or 10cm. It!s roughly the width of the palm of an adult hand, hence the term “hands”. The measurement is taken from the bottom of the hoof to the wither.

Ponies measure up to 14.2hh. Horses are anything over this measurement.